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So honestly, I'm not trying to engage in the usual LJ drama, but it's time for me to switch to another journal address. This address has been feeling a bit too exposed lately, especially since someone on one of the message boards I belong to (and talk about incessantly) did a search for my handle and found this LJ. Needless to say, time to go a bit more underground - I don't mind people knowing I have a LJ, but I don't want people reading it if I don't trust them. Trust is a damn important thing, on and offline.

I'd love it if people would still keep me on their lists, as I love reading everyone's entries. If you want to keep up with me, email me at kahluagal "at" bust.com and I'll send you the new username for my new LJ. I'll keep this entry around for a while, but will start posting at the new place once I've 'moved in' and finished customizing. And quite honestly, since it's kind of starting to be a new chapter in my life, perhaps it's time for a new journal to capture it all in... I've seen some of my friends do it online - move to a new 'house' so to speak - so maybe it's time I tried moving into someplace new - both in real life and online. Never let it be said life isn't interesting, no?
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