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Il faut cultiver son jardin - Voltaire

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- from American Beauty - just one of my favourite quotes

when they said repent/ I wonder what they meant - Leonard Cohen

Welcome to one of my many little playhouses on the net. I have a more 'public' blog elsewhere, but plan to post here for the most personal stuff from now on. I need an outlet for my personality, sadness and rage - a place to post about my demons in order to exorcise them. Oh, and maybe a place to post the sillier things in life, too...


I'm a person of many contradictions - I'm trying to resolve some of them. I have a bunch of inspiring quotes and song lyrics (like the one from Monsieur Cohen, among others) and things i could tell you about myself, but at the time of writing, I'll say that look at my interests - if a bunch of them appeal to you, add me and I'll probably add you back. I belong to a bunch of communities and mostly read them rather than posting, but if you see any you think I'd be interested in - or anything you think I'd be interested in - please contact me :)

friends only

Most entries are 'friends only' not because I have a huge number of friends...far from it. I'm just made them friends only since much of it is personal. Please feel free to ask to be added, and I will - and vice versa, of course. It might take me a while - I don't always check back on this main page. Feel free to email me at kahluagal "at" if you just can't wait, and want to contact me (it's been known to happen, you know).

Here's the entry you can post to be added. Please do comment there, and also tell me where you've come across my jouirnal - if you're a friend, or we're in the same community. Don't make me struggle trying to figure out where we've crossed paths :)

My interests below pretty much tell you all you need to know, as do the communities. I also have piles of other interests that haven't been added yet to that section. In fact, this description, like much in my life, is a total and complete WORK IN PROGRESS - I have lots of things that don't fit into a box ;). Be warned. Everything in my life, like reality itself, is subject to change.

The quote "when they said repent/I wonder what they meant" is a line from the song "The Future" (just one of many, many stunning ones) by Leonard Cohen, a fellow countryman of mine. He is one of my personal heroes - and one very, very cool cat.

most are listed below - I update the list occasionally as my interests change.
in no particular order:

still fighting it...

...even though i may hide my scars

*don't keep silent*


Mental Illness: People Say I'm Crazy.

show some heart

October 3rd through 9th 2004 is

Mental Illness Awareness Week.

I've got a bunch of 'x is love' banners I'm going to put up here (where 'x' is my 'interest du jour'). If you know of any other banners or badges you think I'd like, please let me know.

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